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"Foodie and food blogger Joanne Boston, a.k.a. Joanne, has written for both CBS and SF Station. She is a pioneer of Filipino food social media content and a founding member of the Filipino Food Movement. With fellow Ilokana guest host Lady K, Kulintronica interviews Joanne about the state of Filipino food on the same evening as Obama's 2015 SOTU address."

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Join the NEW Filipino Food Movement podcast with your NEW hosts Kulintronica and Lady K. This episode features Jassette Kalsi, a veteran Filipino Chef based in the world famous Napa Valley. Jassette, a decorated professional and family woman, shares her thoughts on the growth of the cuisine, fusion, and much more.

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The Filipino Food Movement was a big participant in the 2013 Pistahan Festival in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Gardens. Along with Ramar Foods, Filipino Food Movement ran the culinary booth both days of the festival. The booth saw several food demonstrations and contests.

Co-hosts JD and Teresa were able to take a few minutes with Chef Jassette Kalsi to get to know her a little better, talk about the day’s events and how she likes to work with and prepare various filipino food dishes in her personal and professional life. They also got a few moments with PJ and how he was able to help set up the day’s events and why it was important for the Filipino Food Movement to be involved in Pistahan 2013.

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The Filipino Food Movement goes to Natural Food Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center. Our co-hosts PJ Quesada and JD Staley sit down with the renown Chef Francis Calda to chat about the convention as a whole and the importance of why quality ingredients matter. Listen to the daily challenge of maintaining your Filipino heritage and cuisine when located in a rural American community and how it can bring people together!

This show was recorded live from the Anaheim Convention Center on March 10th, 2013.

Music by Kulintronica

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Our Co-Hosts PJ Quesada and JD Staley took the Filipino Food Movement to the Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show. They were joined by two insightful guests, first was Juan Gabriel from the Philippines Department of Tourism. Secondly was Chef CoCo Cocoy, who performed a colorful cuisine demonstration at the show.

This show was recorded live from the Santa Clara Convention Center on February 17th, 2013.

Music by Kulintronica

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We took the podcast on the road to the 2013 Winter Fancy Food Show, at the San Francisco Moscone Center. Our guest, PJ Quesada, discusses the “movement” as a whole from a very insightful perspective. This episode was recorded live from our sponsor Ramar Foods Intl, booth #501 on January  20, 2013.
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Pilot 01 Welcome to the Movement!

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Filipino Food Movement. Please join co-hosts JD Staley and Teresa Navarro as they welcome you to our first episode. Get to know them and their ideas and passion behind the movement and beginning a podcast. 

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